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CADS presents Back to Those Music Hall Days (2019)

SHOW: Back To Those Dance Hall Days DIRECTORS: Anne Cleary & Rhonda Cummins MUSICAL DIRECTORS: Helen Campbell & Helen Lowe STAGE MANAGER: Robert Bill SEASON: Friday 21 June - Saturday 29 June 2019. [spacer] By CLAIRE McCABE Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) is returning with six performances, including two matinees, this June. Back To Those…
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The story behind the cast of CADS 2019

By CLARE McCABE There is just one week to go until the premiere of the anticipated Crookwell Amateur Dramatics Society (CADS) performance. The opening night of Back to those Music Hall Days will be held on Friday, June 21. The cast and crew will take the stage, but for now, let's take a look behind…
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Time to go “Back to those Music Hall Days”

Production: BACK TO THOSE MUSIC HALL DAYS Director: ANNE CLEARY Musical Director: HELEN CAMPBELL Stage Manager: ROBERT BILL The Potato Festival has been put to rest for another year and the Crookwell community prepares to hunker down for the winter recess, or does it? Not on your Nelly. The Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society, known more…
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