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Who We Are


The Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society

With origins that go back to 1894, and in its most recent incarnation, back to 1987, the Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society is a long-time part of performing arts in the local region and very much a part of the fabric of the Crookwell Community and surrounding district.

We aim to provide performance opportunities for all that would seek them, including off stage and other voluntary activities, and we strive to provide the local community with quality, enjoyable and memorable performances.

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Why Choose Us

Theatre brings people together to celebrate

In good times and in bad, theatre brings people together and celebrates story-telling and expression.

CADS has a key role in the community

CADS plays a crucial role in the development and support of performing arts and artists in the local community.

See what other people say about us

Obviously we are proud of what we do, but read our testimonials to see what the community thinks.

Investment in the arts and in the community

Financially supporting CADS not only invests in the local arts community but also supports local businesses that CADS supports.

We need many parts to make it work

Just like we have parts in our shows, there are many off-stage parts to play to make our shows a reality.

More than just a list of reasons

We make a list of reasons to be involved, but they all come down to performing, celebrating, entertainment and community.

Our History

School of Arts

The original "School of Arts" was formed in Crookwell on 16 August 1894, performing concerts, organising flowers shows, bazaars and events.

Crookwell Choral Society

The Crookwell Choral Society was formed, lapsed for a number of years, then reformed in 1925 with 40 voices taking part in a concert for 150 people.

The Strutters

On the eve of World War II, March 1939, “The Strutters” hit the stage and performed concerts and skits to raise money, 500 pounds in their first 11 years.


CADS was founded in 1950. The Society operated continuously from 1950-1955, then sporadically (twice) thereafter until 1987, then continuously since.


Information to follow

Please be patient as we continue to build this site and fill in any gaps in information.

Information to follow

Please be patient as we continue to build this site and fill in any gaps in information.

Helen Campbell OAM

Founding member of CADS and Musical Director since 1987, Helen Campbell awarded OAM.

Our Principles

A welcoming place for all

Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society aims to provide a welcoming, inclusive and supportive space that allows members the opportunity to express themselves in a supported environment.

Our Mission

It is the Mission of Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society to (a) develop and foster the performing arts through producing a variety of theatrical performances that offer roles on and off the stage for all people who might wish to be involved; and (b) to provide high quality entertainment to audiences from Crookwell, the Upper Lachlan Shire and beyond.