Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society lit up by $50,000 grant


Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) is excited to receive $50,000 under the NSW ClubGrants Category 3 Infrastructure Grants Program to replace its existing stage and theatre lighting with LED lighting to reduce power usage.

Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman and her husband Michael paid a visit to Crookwell Memorial Hall to meet with CADS and Kids Acting On Stage (KAOS) members on February 8 to see how the grant will be used.

CADS members Robert and Simon Bill, Dallas Atkins and Rob Huskinson have been busy for weeks pulling down and installing the new lights, which will be ready for the next KAOS and CADS productions.

The existing stage lights are original to the hall, with CADS adding other theatre lights over time.

CADS' power usage was at capacity, leading to blown fuses on show nights. It was frustrating for the crew as it meant they were always on alert and often had to cut back on the number of lights used in the productions.

The lighting and sound technicians are all volunteers and would spend many hours trying to program what is needed against what could be used with the existing lights.

On the nights of the productions, they spend time running from the front mezzanine area to backstage, in the middle of productions if something trips. However, it won't be an issue with the new LEDs.

Theatre is a wonderful way of bringing people from all walks of life together, forming strong lasting friendships.

CADS productions have been bringing the community together for a light-hearted night of entertainment for over 30 years, which is especially important in hard times and drought. Audience numbers have proven this is successful in our community.

We are proud of what we have already achieved and intend to continue this for future generations. Keeping our theatre operations upgraded will ensure this can happen.

First published on the Crookwell Gazette website as Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society lit up by $50,000 grant.

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