Lady Godiva show, a comedy not to miss (2018)

By Clare McCabe

The countdown has begun for the Crookwell Amateur Dramatic Society's (CADS) production of Lady Godiva.

With a short season of five performances, including one matinee on Sunday, June 24, Lady Godiva will be a winter-warmer full of slapstick tongue-in-cheek humour - a recipe that has proven popular with Crookwell and district audiences for many years.

Judith Prior's theatre restaurant scripts have seen a regular airing on the stage of the Crookwell Memorial Hall in between CADS' hugely popular music hall variety shows.

Anne Cleary and her right-hand "Jill-of-all-trades" Rhonda Cummins, are directing this year's production.

Chosen for its bawdy humour, distorted history and musical moments to warm the cockles as Crookwell plunges into winter. A simple set, minimal props, and costumes as creative as the imagination requires, made the choice a no-brainer.

Mrs Helen Campbell, also a stalwart of the CADS Music Halls, will be accompanying the cast members on piano.

An ensemble cast of nine as opposed to a music hall cast of thirty, has made rehearsal time more streamlined this year.

A six weeks rehearsal period consisting of three nights a week has meant a big commitment by the actors. CADS prides itself on plucking every day ordinary local people out of their daily routines and transforming them into polished entertainers.

This year's cast is no exception as we welcome back to the stage CADS regulars Richard Ferris, Heather Davies, Michael Lowe, Colleen O'Reilly, Andrew "Boots" Harborne, Brenda Proudman and Rochell Naughton.

The youngest cast member Holly Couggan is making a return to the stage following her debut last year in "Outback Debutante Ball". CADS welcomes to its ranks newcomer to Crookwell Dallas Atkins - another local willing to get up on stage in the name of entertainment.

Recent years has seen other events take over the busy month of November, so this year CADS decided to trial a change to June. So, on a chilly Crookwell winter night or afternoon, treat yourselves to an entertaining show of Lady Godiva in the well heated hall.

Shows will run from June 22 to June 30. Tickets can be purchased at the Visitors Information Centre.

Originally posted only by the Goulburn Post as Sure fire winter warmer in CADS new show.

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