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The Crookwell Shire Memorial Centre was built around a Temperance Hall that was erected in 1880. It also serves as the library for the town.

The memorial stone in honour of those who served in the Second World War was laid on 15 November 1953 and the centre was dedicated on 10 October 1954.

It was officially opened one month later on 12 November. An honour roll for the same war is located inside the foyer of the hall. It had already been unveiled by the time of the opening.

Memorial stone
In Honour of those who served 1939 -1945.
This stone was laid by Lieut-Col. C. G. W. Anderson M.C. V.C. on Remembrance Day, 15th November 1953.


Crookwell Memorial Opened

From Goulburn Evening Post, Tuesday 12 October 1954.

Several hundred people from all parts of the district attended the ceremony of dedication, of Crookwell's newly completed World War II memorial on Sunday.

The dedication was performed by distinguished soldier, Colonel A. T. Paull. The site of the memorial is the front portion of what was the Crookwell School of Arts. A hall at the rear of the memorial will be ready for official opening next month and-will be included as part of the new War Memorial centre.

The new centre will be the Local point of cultural and community activities in the township and district. Prominent district resident, Mr A. A. McIntosh made an appeal for funds to meet the

cost of constructing the front portion of the building. A total of £150 was donated on Sunday and the appeal will remain for one month from that date.

Many of the guests present were next-of-kin of the fallen from the Crookwell district. They were entertained at afternoon tea after the function.

The official opening of the new hall will be on November 12, when a ball will be staged to

celebrate the occasion. When completed, the centre will be the most modern community centre yet constructed in this district.

Crookwell Memorial Opened

From Goulburn Evening Post, Tuesday 16 November 1954.

More than 600 people attended the opening of Crookwell’s new Shire World War 11 Memorial Hall on Friday night.

The Hall is part of the Shire Memorial Centre, which has been reconstructed from the old School of Arts building. Friday night's opening was attended by representatives of Shires in all parts of the district.

Official ceremonies commenced at 3 pm on Friday when NSW. Library Board Chairman Seyomur Shaw officially opened the new shire library which is incorporated in the memorial centre.

Highlight of the function was the official opening of the new hall by Goulburn’s Mayor, Ald. G E Gerathy at 10 pm.

Ald. Gerathy today described Crookwell's new hall as one of the most modern in the district.

He said it was a credit to the Council and the citizens of the Shire generally.

A full-scale civic ball was held in conjunction with the opening and many former Crookwell residents from distant places returned to the township for this function.

Catering in Crookwell reached a new high with the varied menu prepared and served by the ladies of the Crookwell Ambulance Auxiliary for the ball supper.

A memorial plaque bearing the names of the district's fallen in the second World War had already been unveiled in the vestibule of the centre.