Vicar of Dibley Christmas (2022)

4 November - 19 November 2022
Stage Manager: SANDRA BILL

A Vicar of Dibley Christmas: The Second Coming

If you caught our sell out performance of 'Vicar of Dibley' back in 2020 you will be familiar with these characters.

A Vicar of Dibley Christmas The Second Coming, follows the Vicar, Alice, Hugo & all the other town folk in Dibley.

Alice & Hugo have just come back from their Honeymoon. Alice can't work out why she's putting on weight, the Vicar is trying to come up with a fun prize for radio Dibley, David still thinks Alice is a moron, Hugo is defence to defend his loving wife to his father while also preparing for a huge change within family, Jim, Owen & Mrs Copley are all back too in this cracking Christmas show.

Be entertained by a wonderful and very experienced cast, some of whom literally have decades of performance under their belts.

Always, energetic, always wonderful value and always a great show! Get ready to book your tickets, this production will surely sell out fast!!

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