Welcome to a new-look CADS website


Hello, and welcome to a new-look CADS website.

Every now and then we all need a bit of spring clean, so we've taken on a new website to show what we've done, what we're currently doing and what we have plans for.

Please give us your feedback so we can adjust it to fit the needs of not just CADS but also the community. It's a work in progress and we have A LOT more content to add, so please be patient.

You can make comments on posts, email us, contact us on Facebook or any way you see fit. But please, no messenger pigeons. We're still cleaning up after the last lot.

So, again, welcome abord. We hope the new site is useful and even inspires a few more people to get involved... not just on stage... but behind the scenes and all the other many voluntary roles that makes this organisation truly an inclusive community group for everyone.

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